Have you ever thought which animal is the deadliest hunter of human beings on the planet? The surprising answer is the mosquito!

It is estimated a population of more than 100 trillion mosquitoes threatening 4 billion people and killing 700,000 people annually!

Our battle with the mosquitoes has been ongoing for millions of years. The impact is also far more lethal than any weapon human had made.

Although it is a tough war ever against the mosquito, New Mountain is missioned to spearhead the innovative technology in mosquito control solution.  To embrace the sustainability of our global eco environment, New Mountain proudly presents SIRENIX – the ultimate solution to protect human against mosquitoes and sustain our eco environment.

Technology for a sound environment

New Mountain has developed technology that applies sound waves to water to economically reduce mosquito populations at the breeding site.  A paradigm that combines engineering with acoustics and biology to instantaneously rupture the dorsal tracheal trunk of all stages and all species of mosquito larvae and pupae, resulting in instant death or failed emergence. Through the years we have expanded our line of ultrasonic products  that are:

  •  Eco Friendly
  •  Powerful and Flexible
  •  Innovative
  •  Professional Support

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